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The Araian Sea: A Pivotal Factor in Kerala's History

The Arabian Sea has played a significant role in the history of Kerala. From its prosperity to its cultural exchange, the sea has left an indelible mark on the state.

Kerala's prosperity was intertwined with its seaborne trade, and it was through the sea that many communities such as the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Parsees first arrived on the coast of Kerala. The Europeans, including the Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English, also followed sea routes to reach the state and build their settlements there.

The Arabian Sea was also the domain of the legendary Kunjalis, the admirals of the Calicut fleet. The extensive coastline of Kerala provided numerous harbours throughout history, including ancient ports like Muziris, Tyndis, Barace, and Nelcynda, as well as medieval ports such as Kollam, Kozhikode, and Kodungallur. In modern times, the state boasts major ports like Kochi, Alapuzha, and Ezhimala.

Despite being isolated from the rest of India by the surrounding mountains, Kerala was connected to the rest of the world through its sea. The sea provided the state with a means of exchange, both cultural and economic, with other nations and has shaped the course of Kerala's history in immeasurable ways.

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