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Discover The Magic Of Malabar....

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Discover the Rich History of Mountain Passes in Kerala

Nestled in the extreme south-west corner of India, Kerala boasts of breathtaking natural beauty, with the Western Ghats forming the eastern boundary and the Arabian Sea in the west. These mountains not only serve as the source of most of the rivers in Kerala but also provide various passes and gaps that have played a significant role in shaping the history of the state.

The Palakkad Gap – A Vital Economic Route The Palakkad Gap, with a width of 36 km, is the most important of all the mountain passes in Kerala. This gap not only brings in moist air and showers to the Coimbatore plains but is also a source of economic value to both Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Many streams from the higher mountains flow through this gap and reach the Arabian Sea.

Promoting Contacts between States - Tamarasseri and Perambadi Passes The Tamarasseri and Perambadi passes serve as crucial routes that connect Kerala with Karnataka. These passes were also used during the Mysorean invasion of Kerala. The Perambadi Pass provides access from Kannur to Coorg while the Tamarasseri Pass connects Wayanad to Mysore.

Bodinaykannur Pass – A Connecting Route to the High Ranges The Bodinaykannur Pass in Travancore is another important pass that connects Madurai with the High Ranges (Idukki).

Aryankavu and Arambadi Passes – A Window to the Eastern Neighbours The Aryankavu Pass provides easy access from Kollam to Tirunelveli and was used by the Tamils for their raids and trade in South Kerala. The Arambadi Pass (Aruvamozhi Pass), which connects Trivandrum with Tirunelveli, was a crucial route in the history of Kerala. Early man with his microliths entered Kerala through this gap, and it has served as a highway for traffic between Kerala and its eastern neighbours. Many raids and invasions, including that of Chanda Saheb in 1740, took place through the Arambadi. This region, rightfully called the 'Cockpit of Kerala', has witnessed countless battles.

Explore the rich history of mountain passes in Kerala, and discover how they have shaped the state's political and economic landscape.

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