Kasaragod Day Tour

I am Vijay and a resident of Kasaragod. Let me show you around this unexplored town and uncover some of its hidden secrets. The Kasargod Day tour is a specially designed tour that take you to all the important tourist attractions of Kasargod. Cost : Rs 1200/ person


Stop 1. Lake Temple 

Kasaragod day tour stop 1Our first stop on the Kasaragod Day our is the splendid Ananthapuram Lake temple. Ananthapuram Lake Temple is the only lake temple of Kerala. This beautiful temple is believed to be more than 1000 years old . Situated on the top of a hill not too far from the town of Kasaragod, the temple rests in the lake Ananthapuram and is believed to be guarded by a crocodile called “Babia” who is meant to be the protector of the temple. The Idol inside the temple has been made with a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs. Make sure you check out the mesmerizing wall painting around the temple wall.  One of the major highlights of what Kasaragod has to offer.

Stop 2.  Saree Weaving

Kasaragod Day Tour Stop 2

One of the highlights of our Kasaragod Day Tour is the Saree Weaving center .Kasaragod is home to a unique weaving co-operative society that is known for its exclusive Kasaragod Sarees. It is not a big brand that adorns the malls and big showroom. But it is known for the tradition of 75 years that won the Kasargod Sarees the geographical indication (GI) tag in 2008 as also many committed buyers over the years.After more than 75years of its existence, today unfortunately the Kasaragod Sarees is a finding it difficult to keep the art alive due to a shortage of skilled staff.
A visit to this weaving centre will transform you to a fascinating world of colours, tradition and designs. It is indeed an interesting experience to witness the traditional way cotton is spun into yarn, and the various dyeing and weaving process which eventually results in the beautiful Kasaragod Saree. Situated within 5kms of Kasaragod town, TripMalabar offers guided tours to the weaving unit, where you get an opportunity to observer, interact with the weavers, and be a part of this effort to revive a dying art!

Stop 3 – Kasaragod Market

Kasaragod Day tour market tourOur next stop on the Kasaragod Day Tour is the vibrant and bursting Kasaragod market. Let your senses go on over drive as we walk through the busy streets and see some local produce . The busy streets lead us to the kasargod fish market where the love for fish is quite evident among the local people who throng the market to get the fresh catch.



Stop 4 . 1500 year old Mosque

Kasaragod Day tour stop 5Our last stop on Kasaragod Day tour  is ancient Malik deenar Mosque. Built in 642 AD, which happens to be just 8 years after the death of prophet Mohamed! this mosque is truly a lesson in history. Built in a unique kerala architecture, this mosque is a thousand years older than the Taj Mahal and also the last resting place of the 1st muslim of india “malik Ibn Dinar”.

The driving time for the Kasaragod Day tour is minimal as the destinations covered are within 4-5 km of each other.

Quick Info
Time : 2-3 hours , Size : 4-8 , Cost: Rs 1,200/person
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