Kerala Trips & Blogs 

Hello everyone. I am Vijay Nair and live in Kasaragod, the northern most town in Kerala,India. I bring you untold stories and hiddent tourist destination of this region of Kerala.

 Kerala has seen a boom in tourism in the past decade. This is especially due the success of the “Gods own country” campaign. However  this boom has only been witnessed in the south of the state due to better international connectivity which has left the northern regions of Kerala largely unexplored . There seems to be an awful lot written about tourism in  Cochin, Allepey and other parts of the “gods own country”, but you would struggle to find any credible tourism related information about  towns in north of Kerala.

This brings us to the reason I am on this platform. My misssion is to bring to you the  untold stories of my homeland. The purpose of this blog is to give the a  traveller  insight into the life, culture  and  food of this region.

Having lived and run a successful homestay in this region for the past three years, I would like to share some of that local knowledge with you all. My blogs focus solely on the region of north Kerala, also knows as Malabar. Having lived and worked in countries like America and Australia has left me in good stead to understand the needs of a modern day traveler. The idea is to show the readers a world beyond brochures and through the eyes of a local. My blogs will be ranging from everything tourism related to food , culture, history, politics to everything Malabari.

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