TripMalabar is the dream project of Vijay  & Nandita Nair. Having trolled the corporate world for the past decade, the couple decided to branch out and start TripMalabar. Having lived and worked in different cities across the globe, they realzied how unique and beautiful their own culture truly is. The passion for the land and the lure to give something back to the society were the driving force behind this project. After having successfully put Thalathoor Heritage Homestay on the international tourism map, this new venture tries to showcase rich history , art and culture of this region and its people.

This start-up wishes to take its customer on a journey that tells the story of this mysterious land. All our tours are guided by a local, which helps to show travellers a world beyond brochures and boundaries. From explaining the rich history of this land to world of martial arts and Theyyam dances, our local guides take you on this one of a kind journey. Soak in the true essence of Malabar, as you stay at our heritage Homestay’s, enjoy the local cuisine and the hospitality of the warm and gentle people of this region.