The Breathtaking Bekal FortBekal Fort and Beach  at Kasargod:

This is  largest fort of its kind in Kerala and is the crowning glory of Kasargod.

This imposing fort at Bekal is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala. Just 15 km away from the Thalathoor Heritage, this 300 year old majestic fort went on to be one of the main forts of the great “Tipu Sultan” also known as the grandfather of projectiles. Build around the beautiful expanse of the shallow beach of Kasargod , this is a great spot to have a relaxing day at the beach. Being listed as a World Heritage site , the beautiful fort and beach are among the best maintained tourist locations of Kerala. With regular tourism events being organize by the Department of Tourism Kerala , like the popular Kite festival  and other cultural events this is truly the the crowning glory of Kasargod.



Anandashramam: This is one of the major touristic spots of the Kasargod district.  Ashram dedicated to Universal Love and Service.Situated about 25 km south of the Thalathoor heritage, Anandashramam was founded in 1939 by Swami Ramadas. This ashram is dedicated to Universal Love and Service. The main ashram and other buildings have a beautiful setting in the midst of shady mango groves and a few coconut trees. There is a hill to the east of the ashram, great popular spot to meditate with peace and tranquility. A great place to go to quench ones spiritual thirst.

swami nityananda

Oil Painting by Ashesha Shane Conroy. Copyright SYDA Foundation.

Nityananda Ashram:

Bhagawan Nithyananda : one of the greatest Yogis of modern times. A true Saint of Kasargod.

This Ashram is located about 20 km south of the Thalathoor heritage. This ashram was founded by Bhagawan Nithyananda, who was one of the greatest Yogis of modern times. He was a silent Yogi, who communicated through eloquent silence. He taught no one through words, but his whole life itself was a teaching. He never preached or gave lectures. He spoke rarely, but he was a universal teacher. It is believed that the great Mahatma Gandhi came to him to seek guidance. It is a well known fact that, after meeting with Bhagawan Nithyananda, Gandhiji introduced the historical “Quit India movement”. He also coined the “Do or Die” slogan to support the movement in the year 1942. a must vist for everybody visiting kasargod.

The Ananthapura lake temple

The Ananthapura lake temple

Ananthapuram Lake Temple The only lake temple of Kerala.

Ananthapuram Lake Temple :This is a believed to be more than 1000 years old and is the only lake temple of Kerala. Situated on the top of a hill not too far from the town of Kasargod, the temple rests in the lake Ananthapuram and is believed to be guarded by a crocodile called “Babia” who is meant to be the protector of the temple. The Idol inside the temple has been made with a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs. Make sure you check out the mesmerizing wall painting around the temple wall.  One of the major highlights of what Kasargod has to offer.

Thoni kadavu

Thoni kadavu

Thoni kadavu :

This privet farm land  about 25 km south east of Kasargod town,is located in a rustic village rich in vegetation and varied fauna & flora. Famous for its trekking tracks that take you through fresh water pools (perfect to take a refreshing dip ) and its bustling waterfalls.  This trekking trail takes that starts on top of the hill , takes you through a large rubber and coconut farm and ends at the river in bottom of the hill  . This place offers you an unforgettable experience from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A great place to visit if you’re a nature lover. A place not to miss if you are a eco tourist or a nature lover.

Ranipuram :

This beautiful hill station is located 85 km from the Thalathoor Heritage. Towering more than 750 ft high its famous for its rain-forests and trekking adventures.