The introduction of Islam in Malabar dates back to the 6th Century AD. The Mapillas or the indigenous Muslims of Kerala originally came here to trade from Arabia and later settled due to a bustling trade between Arabia and Kerala. The Muslims history of Kerala are very different in their customs and history compared to the rest of the Muslim population of India. They came to Malabar to do trade and not to conquer unlike the Mughals in the North of India. Although the Mapilas arrived a thousand years before the Mughals, their history is one of peace, trade and co-existence. This is evident in their customs, language and dress, which are all similar to that of the original inhabitants of the Malabar region, a great example as to how all the cultures have intertwined with each other. The Cheraman Masjid in Trishur, built in 629 AD is the second oldest mosque in the world and is a standing testament to advent of Islam and mapilla history in Kerala. The Malik Dinar mosque in Kasaragod, built just 10 years after the death of prophet Mohamed, has been preserved in its original architectural style and is also the last resting place of the first Muslim of India, Malik Ibn Dinar.