About Us : Arts , Craft and exotic food have always been a celebrated tradition in the region of Malabar.  Local weavers and bell metal artisans have been capturing the worlds imagination for centuries. Malabar le market plans to be this platform that allows the local artist and craft to showcase their creative passion. This market is a celebration of handmade items from local and other boutique artist around the world. Be inspired by beautiful ideas painstakingly crafted by talented artists. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, paintings, decorative items – hunt for many hidden treasures at unbelievable prices at the Malabr le Market

And that’s not all. You can indulge your taste buds with spectacular food, Arts and Craft Workshops , live  performances  and more will keep your senses entertained throughout.Also dont miss to take a selfie with the Santa!

Mission : To create a sustainable environment  to showcase handmade arts and craft that is local to the region of Malabar .

Vision : To make Malabar le Market a recurring event in the tourism calendar of Kannur